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Learn about 14 Panel Drug Test Cups

14 Panel Drug Test by Daily Cover Stories

Learning about 14 Panel Drug Test, first we need to know that there are many tests conducted worldwide for medical purposes. Patients provide samples of blood and urine and tests are run on them. There are different elements that are to be screened for in tests. Drug tests are one of the types of tests conducted quite often worldwide. They are conducted for patients that are exposed to drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other illicit and street drugs. There are several ways how to conduct these tests and which tests must be conducted.

14 Panel Drug Test

There are a number of drug tests conducted worldwide. These are typically known as panel drug tests. However, you usually find a number before the name. This number helps you in identifying the test type. This number provides you information regarding the number of elements to be screened and which elements are to be screened.

Hence, a 14 Panel Drug Test is conducted to screen for 14 different elements. There are many other panel drug tests conducted. Hence, it is necessary that you consult your medical official before deciding to carry out a test. Although these tests can be conducted at home, it is preferred to consult and medical professional. However, the 14 elements screened during the following drug test are:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Cocaine
  3. Amphetamines
  4. Barbiturates
  5. Heroin
  6. Benzodiazepines
  7. Methadone
  8. Propoxyphene
  9. Methaqualone
  10. MDMA
  11. Oxycodone
  12. Demerol
  13. Tramadol
  14. PCP

14 Panel Drug Test Cups

Drug tests are mostly conducted on a urine sample than on blood. However, the sample must be stored in a proper container so that the test kit can be easily used. This is where cups are introduced. It is to make sure that where the test is being conducted.

When drug tests are conducted at hospitals or laboratories, a special and designated test cup is used. The test cup is made up of plastic and has different labeling over it. It also includes useful information regarding the test and the test. The urine sample from the patient is taken and then stored in this cup. Then, different strips are taken. The number of strips depends upon the panel test. For example, in the case of a 14-panel test, a 14 Panel Drug Test Cup and 14 strips are used, each marking a single element. These strips are then inserted into the urine sample and present results.

However, when drug tests are conducted at homes, you can use a transparent disposable plastic cup. Store the urine sample in that cup and use a drug screen. Drug screens have useful information and result prediction on them. When inserted into the sample, bars on the drug screen change color presenting results.

A special drug test cup is available named a 14 Panel EtG Drug Test Cup. It is used for 14-panel tests to provide additional information about EtG, which is formed in the body due to excessive drinking of alcohol. Apart from 14 screened elements, this test cup provides you additional information regarding EtG or Ethyl Glucuronide.

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