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Can We Move Our Educational System in a Better Way After Corona?

educational system
Educational System

Coronavirus brought the shortcomings of the educational system to the surface and showed light to the vulnerabilities and challenges our system faces. Coronavirus surely affected all the sectors of the economy but a few of the most affected ones surely include the education sector.

Shutting Down Of Educational System

All the academic institutions were temporarily shut down with no idea of when the education will continue and students were forced to stay at home. When the system noticed a delay of about 3 months in the studies of the students and no hope of opening the institutes anytime soon, it was decided that online learning will be the new medium for education.

This step was needed to be taken desperately because the delay was already very much done and waiting for more time would be of no avail. Online learning surely became the go-to approach for studies in the world but it brought along a lot of difficulties as well.

Teachers had difficulty adjusting to an abrupt need of learning the technology and we have to give it them, all the teachers not only did a great job in quickly learning how to use the technology but they also changed their syllabus and activities with regards to the online platform.

Whereas, on the other hand, the students were fairly familiar with the technology but they had difficulty in finding the right focus and concentration for their studies. This was an issue because students are used to studying in a classroom environment and when it came down to their rooms, they were not able to pay attention.

Well, now a new year has started and like every year people are hopeful and optimistic for 2021 as well. Some students graduated in online ceremonies, some of them completed their studies, and some of them started new classes. Everything happened virtually but the thing to notice is that there surely was a delay but things eventually continued. Nothing happened according to the conventional ways but things surely happened. We moved forward and the time didn’t stop.

Now that we have seen some drastic changes happening in the world, the real question is, will we be able to move our educational system towards betterment after the covid-19 pandemic?

The vaccines are out and slowly and steadily more and more people are getting vaccinated which means the lives are soon going to go back to normal but do we really want to go back to our old normal or should we learn from the outbreak and change things for a better future?

The answer to this question is yes we can surely move ahead and bring positive changes in the educational system; all we need is a bit of conviction, determination, hard work, and the right steps to take.

The Most Reasonable Ways We Can Move Our Educational System After Coronavirus.

Dissertation writers in Dubai researched extensively and came up with some of the most reasonable ways we can move our educational system after coronavirus.

1. Strengthening the Education system is one of the first and the most important things to do if we want to provide a better education system for the children of our future.

2. Making sure that each and every individual in the age demographic of being a student should be given equal opportunities for their education. There should not be a student out of school and we have to ensure the right to education for everyone.

3. Incorporate the use of technology in the education system as we have seen during the coronavirus lockdown, how effective can the use of technology be for the students and teachers.

4. Uniformity is among the most important aspects of the educational system. There should be no disparity between the teaching standards and the syllabus. We should make sure that every student gets equal education because it is not only their right but also necessary for a country to grow and develop.

5. If we look at our curriculum we’ll notice some of the things included in them are not relevant to the real world and will not be of any help to the student when he or she steps into the professional environment. Inclusion of knowledge that is actually required and can help students should be a part of the syllabus instead of unnecessary things.

 Corona pushed the world at least a few years back and if we want to conquer the problems we have to stand tall and united. Education is the solution for every issue you could think of and providing better education to the children of our society should be the topmost goal. We can overcome the effects of corona in education if we follow the path of betterment.

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