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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction In Men’s

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a male problem involving a weak erection. The males facing this problem cannot get an erection even when they are fully aroused. The inability to sustain even the lesser degree of erection becomes a problem.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not an aging problem, as it can strike any male in adulthood.  A healthy male with a normal desire level can have the same erection degree; he used to have it in his 20s. The point is that a male in his 20s is also vulnerable to the erection issue, as a man in his 50s and 60s. The only difference will be the causes. In the former case, it will be the emotional and psychological cause and in the latter case, it will be physical causes.

Fix the problem by understanding the cause

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of disease, not a disease itself. It can be due to reduced blood flow in arteries supplying blood to the male organ. It can also be the result of diabetes, blood pressure, formation of plaque in blood vessels and obesity, etc. any physical issue that affects the normal flow of blood towards the pelvic area leads to erection issues.

Emotional issues like stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and mental issues often impact interest in pleasurable things including intimacy. Lack of interest leads to low libido, which is a cause of erectile dysfunction. It may be a temporary phenomenon, but it has an adverse impact on erection problems.

The first step towards the treatment of erectile issues is to understand the basic cause or causes behind it. It has been observed that treatment of basic causes itself cures erectile dysfunction.  Dietary changes, lifestyle modification, and exercises will help a male deal successfully with diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.  Lifestyle changes bring permanent relief from the issue. It also helps a male to extend the benefit without letting age impact erection degree.

Low libido and diet

Erectile dysfunction: In some males’ low libido and low blood circulation towards the male organ causes erection issues. Berries, pomegranate, citrus fruits, spinach, beetroot, garlic, nuts, etc are food items that increase blood flow by boosting the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels. The relaxed blood vessels are dilated to create additional space for blood flow in the body. Blood flow in the male organ enlarges it. With physical stimulation, the erection becomes easy to achieve.

Vitamin B12 diet, with eggs, meat, fish, and Brazilian nuts increases libido. Enhanced libido ensures a strong desire for intimacy which ensures adequate arousal for an erection.  Taking care of low libido is an essential step to take benefit from Generic Levitra 60 mg a dose meds store. online doctors suggest after diagnosing the degree of erection difficulty.


Some males prefer acupuncture treatment as it is considered effective in many countries of Southeast Asia and China. The treatment is based on the idea that blocked energy is behind physical and mental problems in the body. By inserting fine needles at the strategic points on the body, the blocked energy is released. The treatment consists of sessions, each lasting up to 40 minutes. The points on the body for the insertion of fine needles are selected by the acupuncturist.  The needles are inserted only in the upper skin without causing any pain.

Traditional treatment methods

The traditional treatment method consists of using herbs and herbal-based products. These herbs are used for centuries for male health. Ginseng, horny goat weed, and white Musli are some of the famous herbs. These herbs relax the body and mind and create a desire for intimacy in males. However, the impact varies from individual to individual depending on health and several other issues like health and diet.

Faster relief from erection boosting drugs

Erection boosting drugs such as Sildenafil citrate 150 mg are recommended by doctors. The dosages are provided to match the degree of erectile dysfunction. These drugs are swallowed by water to push blood flow toward the male organ. The action is fast and lasts up to 5 hours and in case of some doses 36 hours. However, once the impact of drugs comes down, the erection problem returns.

Essential oils for mood uplift

Some males often are depressed and cannot get the mind into intimacy. Essential oils and fragrances help get the mind into the mood. These essential oils and fragrances act as aphrodisiacs for such males. However, using erection-boosting medicines with essential oils will help males to deal with both physical and emotional aspects of erection issues. Again, the solution will be temporary, but for males who have only mood swings as a cause behind erection problems, the essential oil can be the right solution.


It is easy to deal with Erectile dysfunction by understanding the causes and dealing with them. Both permanent and temporary solutions are available. Consult a medical expert to get diagnosed and find a suitable treatment method for a permanent solution.

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