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Unknown Benefits of Vitamin K Rich Foods

Vitamin K is an essential for helping us cure bleeding by forming blood clotting. There are many unknown benefits of Vitamin K. The bone health and heart health is protected by vitamin K. It is a fat soluble and we need it daily for good health. The interesting thing about this vitamin is that it comes in two forms, K 1 and K 2. Vitamin K 1 is found in plants and vegetables, which are our main source of this vitamin. The other type comes from meat, cheese, and from the food we eat.

The essential role of K vitamin is to prevent bleeding and ensure blood clotting at the site of bleeding. It also keeps bones and heart strong. Another interesting thing is that there are many foods and vegetables that provide us this vitamin. The deficiency of this vitamin is rare. But its deficiency can be a serious issue, as it can lead to several diseases.

Food Source of Vitamin K

Many vegetables and green leafy vegetables are the best source of K vitamins. it is found in kale , broccoli , Brussels sprouts , cabbage , asparagus , pickled cucumber , kiwifruit , okra , lettuce , and green beans etc.

The other type K2 is found in chicken meat, beef liver, salami, soft cheese, hard cheese, bacon, full fat milk, etc. adding more k to diet is beneficial as experts report that it reduces the risk of cancer. People who take vitamin K along with calcium, and vitamin D are less likely to face the problem of bone fracture.


Mixed nuts, pine nuts, cashews nuts, not only increase your daily requirement of vitamin, but also give your fiber, protein and healthy oils. They protect you from inflammation and keep your heart strong. In fact many vegetables and nuts that are mentioned for this vitamin are also part of the natural remedies for males with erection problems. Erection problems are due to low blood circulation. Males use Generic Cialis 60mg prescribed by doctors for higher erection issues. But with improved heart health and increased intake of vegetables, the erection problem will go naturally.

Use nuts as a healthy snack and cut down on unhealthy junk food, which only enhances the bad effect of unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.


Every day there are easy sources of vitamin K for daily consumption.  A glass of carrot juice has a good content of K vitamins. The same benefit comes from pomegranate juice. Not only do these two juices give you essential vitamins, but also ensure that your blood vessels are relaxed enough to facilitate greater flow of blood for a smooth erection. These two fruits are considered the best for males with erection issues. In fact males can reduce their reliance on erection boosting drugs. You will then need Sildenafil Citrate150 mg for quick relief from erection issues only. However, make sure that fresh fruits are used for juices. Canned and packed juices may not offer the same benefit, as they also have several ingredients that are just to create flavor and preservatives.

There were studies that this vitamin keeps the insulin in check. The higher insulin resistance was reported in people with higher intake of vitamin K. It also lowered the risk of diabetes. However, doctors say that if a man or woman is using medicines for diabetes, they should not replace the medicines with the vitamin K. vitamin should be part of the overall balanced diet. The vitamin has a positive role to play in preventing Alzheimer diseases in older adults. Seniors with vitamin K improved their cognitive abilities and showed improved memory.

All benefits that are mentioned here come from fresh vegetables and fruits. The supplements were not used in studies.  Anyone on warfarin needs to consult a medical doctor before increasing intake. Consultations are also required when you are on antibiotics, cholesterol drugs or other such supplements.


A balanced diet with vegetables and beans, and meat will ensure that you have enough vitamin K in diet.  But some people who are using blood thinning medicine should not consume vitamin K supplements or increase intake through vegetables. Medical consultations are required to assess the level of this vitamin and diet to ensure that there is no interference with medication from the higher intake of vitamin through diet. 

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