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7 Unknown benefits – Vitamin D link with coronavirus

Vitamin D

Recent studies and observations have seen more demand for vitamin D supplements in western countries. The sale of vitamin D supplements has seen a sudden jump that many experts felt that there must be some link of this sunshine vitamin with coronavirus.

The Washington Post reported the increase in the sale of sunshine vitamins and also mentioned that those who are deficient in this vitamin are 75% more vulnerable to coronavirus.  The fact was confirmed by a study in Italy that in those who were admitted with acute respiratory failure, 81% had a deficiency in vitamin D. These studies gave a new dimension to the role of the sunshine vitamin in boosting immunity and preventing coronavirus. Let us see further how this vitamin plays a role in the prevention of coronavirus.

Vitamin D and immunity

Earlier it was not confirmed that this vitamin has any role in preventing infectious diseases and boosting immunity.  Medical experts knew that this vitamin has been used in treating respiratory tract infection, but there was no clear-cut answer and support from the medical community on its role in fighting coronavirus.

But now there is some clarity that sunshine vitamin has a role in boosting immunity. The link has been clearly made for elders who have weak immunity.  It is a fact that our immunity declines as we age. Older males and females have less immunity than younger people.

The study was conducted on elders. They were given doses of chickenpox to know the impact of it on immunity.  It is known that our immunity to chickenpox lasts our whole life, but it declines in older people. When older people were given chicken pox doses, their immunity system was not able to cope with it. But when the same group of people was given vitamin D doses, their immunity started fighting back. They were given vitamin replacement therapy for 14 weeks.  Large doses of vitamin D3 were given once a day to group members.

The result of the study clearly showed that vitamin D 3 boosts antigen-specific immunity in older males who were short in this particular vitamin. In simple words, we can say that vitamin D is a big supporter of your health and boosts immunity. It will protect you not only from other infections but also from coronavirus.  

Overdose can cause erectile dysfunction in males

Overdose of vitamin D supplement causes deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is needed to absorb the vitamin supplement. Deficiency in magnesium can lead to erectile difficulties as zinc helps in the erection process. Though erection boosting Generic Levitra 40 mg online helps in overcoming erection difficulties, the deficiency of zinc can lead to permanent erection difficulties.

Update on coronavirus and vitamin link

Many people are staying indoors these days in winter conditions in most of the western world. Medical experts are suggesting that these people should take 10 micrograms daily dose to boost the health of bones and muscles. The best option is exposure to the sun. Our body creates this vital vitamin from sunlight directly hitting the skin. The same vitamin is also found in some foods. These foods are fish, red meat, liver, egg yolk, and breakfast cereals.  Supplements should be the last option.

A balanced diet with exercises for a stronger immunity

In addition to vitamin D, doctors also recommend a balanced diet and exercises to boost immunity through simple steps.  A well-balanced diet consists of protein, vitamins, probiotic yogurt, fruits, and water in adequate quantities.  The online medical staff of UShealthcarepharmacy.com also recommends certain vegetables, such as broccoli, citrus fruits, berries, watermelon and pomegranate, garlic, turmeric should be part of the diet.  Such a diet will also cut dependency on Sildenafil citrate 150 mg for those who use it for erection boosting.

Any moderate level of exercise boosts the immune system, as it improves lymph movement. This transport body protects T cells and antibodies to different parts of the body. It has been proved that fifty minutes of walking leads to an increase in T cell activity in the body. Along with diet and exercise, one also has to take time to manage stress levels. Higher than normal stress levels adversely impact immunity. Abnormal stress can even lead to the shutting down of the immune system. Yoga, meditation, and indulging in activities that lower stress levels can be beneficial in the long run.


A definite link has emerged between vitamin D deficiency and coronavirus.  This link also shows that it is in our hands to boost immunity, keep it intact, and prevent severe cases of infection. It is possible to boost our immunity through a balanced diet, exercise, and adequate sun exposure.

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